I’m not necessarily saying your house, your apartment, but have them come to your part of town. Especially if that part of town means that they’re the one who has to go out of their way this time. I always think that bringing someone into your world is a way of bonding them to you more. If everyone is always uprooting you from your world and putting you into theirs, then they’re in their element and you exist in the abstract in a way. You’re not a person with a life and who is tethered in all of these ways and has these interests and here’s where you live, and here’s the places you go to. Here’s your local coffee shop. No. Instead, you just exist in their world as an idea. One of the ways to be taken seriously is for someone to actually see your roots, who you are, what you are all about.

The places that make someone realize, “Oh, this person is a person with a life and things they love.” I remember the first time going to my now fiancee, Audrey’s, place and seeing plants all over the apartment. It was a moment where I realized, “Oh, this is something she really loves.” I didn’t know about it before that, and that created more of a three-dimensional picture of who she was. And like I’ve said before, when someone becomes three-dimensional to us, they are far harder to walk away from. Number seven. Regardless of your beliefs about who should pay on a first date, at some point, pay for something. Whether it’s you are the one who buys the tickets to something, or you pick up the tab in a restaurant, or you are ordering delivery, and you just hand them your phone with the restaurant already selected and say, “Choose what you like.”

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